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At the end of the First Conference of the Parties (COP I) of the Basel Convention, the special committee responsible for identifying the specific needs of the different regions in training and technology transfer, deemed it necessary to create four Regional Centres in Africa, grouping the Party countries according to their official language: the Dakar Centre for French-speaking countries; the Pretoria Centre for English-speaking countries; the Cairo centre for Arabic-speaking countries and the Nigeria-based coordination centre for Africa.

Following these recommendations, the Secretariat of the Basel Convention (SCB) conducted a feasibility study for the choice of countries to host these Centres. Senegal was designated as the host country to host the Basel Convention Regional Center for French-speaking African countries.

 The French-speaking African countries, meeting in Dakar in July 1997, endorsed this decision and recommended to the government of Senegal, pending the formalization of the center by a framework agreement (between UNEP / SCB and the government of Senegal), to house the Center through an institution capable of carrying out activities relating to the effective implementation of the Basel Convention.

 The choice of Senegal as the host country for the Basel Convention Regional Centre for French-speaking Africa was formally approved by the Conference of the Parties at its sixth session in December 2002 (Decision VI / 6).

Following resolution 5/17 CoP5 from the 5th conference of the parties to the Basel Convention, its secretariat has prepared a draft framework agreement comprising a set of identical basic provisions for all centres. These provisions take into account the specific needs and priorities of the different regions.

The draft framework agreement, which formed the basis for negotiations with the countries hosting the Centers, involved a proposal for an institutional arrangement with two options:

Option 1: The centre is designed as a national institution with a regional vocation.

Option 2: The centre is designed as an intergovernmental institution.

The first option was chosen the Centre was designed as a national institution with a regional vocation

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