• Bienvenue sur le portail d’échange d’informations chimiques d’Afrique Francophone,la plateforme de formation en ligne,la bibliothèque numérique et sur la plateforme DEEE du CRCRCBS-AF: Mois de mai 2021 spécial anniversaire de 20 ans de la convention de Stokholm ;
  1. To strengthen the technical, legal, economic and management capacity of the various hazardous waste and chemicals stakeholders in the countries served by the centre;
  2. To promote cooperation for the prevention and monitoring of illegal trafficking inwaste;
  3. To develop cooperation between the Basel Convention and the Bamako, Stockholmand Rotterdam Conventions;
  4. To contribute in developing environmental standards in the Francophone sub-region;
  5. To assist countries in implementing national hazardous waste and chemicalsmanagement programs;
  1. To train executives, business and health facility managers, customs officers and otherlocal competent bodies;
  1. To involve NGOs and other civil society segments in the management of hazardouswaste and chemicals;
  1. To raise local communities’ and other stakeholders’ awareness of hazardous waste andchemicals management;
  1. To advise on preparing hazardous waste and chemicals technical andmanagement/disposal guidelines.

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