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The process of studying the draft framework agreement which was piloted in Senegal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with the Ministries of the Interior and of Finance led to the choice of the first option, namely the creation of the Centre in as a national institution with a regional vocation.

 After several consultations between the Secretariat of the Basel Convention and the competent Senegalese authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry responsible for the Environment) on the project provisions, the two parties have signed the agreement since the 1st March 2005. The said agreement was signed on behalf of Senegal by the Ambassador of Senegal to the United Nations in Geneva.

 A Steering Committee has been established to advise the Centre on the development and implementation of its activities and to strengthen national support for its activities for the Contracting Parties served by the Centre. The Steering Committee is composed of five (5) members appointed by the Contracting Parties served by the Center through a consultation process, for a period of four (4) years. The government of Senegal that hosts the Center is a permanent member. He is represented by the Ministry in charge of the Environment, through the Directorate of Environment and Listed Establishments (DEEC).

 A steering committee has been set up to advise the Centre on the development and implementation of its activities and (to strengthen national support for the activities of the Centre.)

 The composition of this steering committee was as follows:

 Chair: Burkina Faso,

Vice-president: Togo

Members: Mauritania, R D Congo, Senegal.

To days, the composition of this steering committee is as follows:

Presidency, Benin: Dr Pulchérie DONOUMASSOU SIMEON

Vice-president, Djibouti: Mr Ismael Nour Idriss


              Côte d’Ivoire: Prof Sahouo Gustave BEDI

              Chad: Adoum Abakar Abdoulaye

              Senegal: Ms. Aita Sarr Seck

The Director of the Regional Centre is of Senegalese nationality. He is appointed by the competent authorities of Senegal in consultation with the Secretariat of the Basel Convention and Stockholm conventions.

 The Training and Technology Transfer Centre is a training and capacity building establishment. Its mission is to support member countries of French-speaking Africa in the implementation of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions and other conventions relating to the management of chemicals.

 He is therefore the correspondent for the Secretariats of the Basel, Stockholm Convention and other secretariats and organizations dealing with chemicals management at international and regional levels for all questions relating to training and technology transfer in the field of chemicals. environmentally sound management of chemicals and hazardous wastes.

Indeed, in the context of the selection process of the regional and subregional centers of the Stockholm Convention for capacity building and transfer of environmentally sound technologies set out in decision SC-3/12, annex I to the minutes From the UNEP / POPS / COP.3 / 30 meeting, the Centre submitted its candidacy to the Secretariat and was nominated to become a regional center for the Stockholm Convention.

During the Conference of the Parties (CoP5) of the said Convention, held in Geneva from 25 to 29 April 2011, the Center was designated as the Regional Center of the Stockholm Convention.

Thus, the Centre becomes a regional centre of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions for French-speaking African Countries (CRCB/BSRC-FA).

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