• Bienvenue sur le portail d’échange d’informations chimiques d’Afrique Francophone, et sur la plateforme de formation en ligne du CRCBS-AF. Du 4 au 6 Septembre 2019, atelier de formation des administrateurs réseaux sur la plateforme de formation en ligne. Du 16 au 19 septembre 2019, atelier de formation sur le renforcement des capacités des pays de la région africaine pour la mise en œuvre des conventions de Bâle et de Rotterdam. Hôtel Ndiambour, Dakar-Sénégal ;

The Center’ Vision

"Becoming a center of excellence catalyzing the sustainable entrenchment of environmentally sound and economically viable management of hazardous and other wastes, and chemicals throughout French-speaking countries in Africa."

Faced with the negative impacts related to hazardous waste and misuse of chemicals on health and the environment, the national authorities of all French-speaking African countries as well as the public and private actors involved in managing such wastes support and participate actively in the activities of the Center.

Based on national legislations, African countries have developed a common strategy for the environmentally sound management of the most problematic hazardous wastes and chemicals in our countries through the establishment of sub-regional treatment units. Hazardous waste is transferred among countries for their treatment in compliance with all procedures of the Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions.

In addition, each covered country has adopted a national plan for hazardous waste and chemicals management based on promoting and enforcing the provisions of the Basel, Bamako, Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions.

Informal sector actors are informed of, educated and trained to the adoption of waste recovery and recycling mechanisms safe for their health and the environment.

Better, industries have adopted clean production mechanisms limiting at best the best quantity and toxicity of hazardous waste generated. The Center has become a reference institution, provides all the countries with a relevant database on the best hazardous waste treatment technologies suitable to our economic environment, and has a network of African waste treatment experts.

The center is one of Africa’s largest and is widely used by researchers, students and waste management stakeholders. Finally, the Center has become independent with its own funding mechanisms, including partnership agreements with private institutions and other environment protection partners. In sum, people live in a healthy environment with a safe and secure management of chemical and all types of waste

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