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Project: Strengthening Local Capacities to Address the Flow of Electronic Waste and Electrical and Electronic Products for Reuse in Selected African Countries and Enhance Sustainable Resource Management through Material Recovery in Electronic Waste. Secretariat of the Basel Convention, 02 November 2008

Overall objective

The overall objective of the project is to provide West Africa and other African countries with the growing problem of e-waste imports from the developed world, including Europe, thereby protecting the health of citizens, especially children. Activities under this project will focus specifically on e-waste from the consumer equipment and electronics sector in developing countries in Africa.

The specific objectives of this project are:

Improve the level of information available on e-waste and electronic product flows imported into West African countries and other countries to improve decision-making.

Increase the capacity of the parties to the Basel Convention in West Africa to manage e-waste and end-of-life electronic and electrical equipment at the national level and to develop environmentally sound national management plans.

Study the feasibility of implementing environmentally friendly material recovery operations and promote environmentally sound management in the context of the Basel Convention in a large informal electronic waste recycling area in Africa.

Strengthen the capacity of Parties to the Basel Convention to monitor and control transboundary movements of electronic waste and to prevent illicit trafficking.


EMPA, the Öko Institute, IMPEL, UNESCO, BCCC-Nigeria, BCRC-Senegal, SBC and the governmental authorities of the African countries concerned as well as AIDCO

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