• Bienvenue sur le portail d’échange d’informations chimiques d’Afrique Francophone,la plateforme de formation en ligne,la bibliothèque numérique et sur la plateforme DEEE du CRCRCBS-AF: Mois de mai 2021 spécial anniversaire de 20 ans de la convention de Stokholm ;

The project aims to reduce the environmental and public health risks associated with PCB spills by introducing environmentally sound management practices for PCB oils and PCB-contaminated equipment and has several components.

The African countries, in their major act of signing and ratifying the Stockholm Convention, were fully aware of the danger of persistent organic pollutants to human and animal health and the environment.

This danger was fundamentally a result of our weak capacity to manage these hazardous substances in an environmentally sound manner at the level of our companies and particularly at the level of the informal sector.

This is what justifies their accession to the Regional PCB Project, the fundamental objective of which is ultimately to eliminate, under appropriate conditions, PCBs, particularly at the level of the West African region, by putting the focus on the informal sector through the provision of a guide to good practices that can be used as an adjunct for better management of equipment containing PCBs.

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