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The Probo Koala case is an environmental disaster that occurred in Côte d'Ivoire in September 2006. It takes its name from the oil tanker that sent waste to Côte d'Ivoire in August 2006: the Probo Koala, an oil tanker registered in the Panama, owned by a Greek company and chartered by the Dutch and Swiss company Trafigura.

In August 2006, this multi-purpose bulk carrier unloaded 581 tonnes of waste from the ship's clean-up at the port of Abidjan (a mixture of petroleum, hydrogen sulphide, phenols, caustic soda and sulfur-containing organic compounds). The latter, spread ashore in the discharge zone, cause fumes of deadly gases1,2. The deaths of 17 people and the intoxication of tens of thousands of people1 (43,492 cases of confirmed poisoning and 24,825 probable cases, according to the INHP) are attributed by Amnesty International to the emanations of this waste3. Trafigura is held responsible by a court in the Netherlands which condemns the company on 23 December 2011 to pay damages to the victims.

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http://www.lemonde.fr/afrique/article/2018/02/01/probo-koala-l-onu-affirme-que-les-sites-pollues-d-abidjan-ne-sont-plus-dangereux_5250300_3212. html


L'affaire du Probo Koala

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