• Bienvenue sur le portail d’échange d’informations chimiques d’Afrique Francophone, et sur la plateforme de formation en ligne du CRCBS-AF. Du 4 au 6 Septembre 2019, atelier de formation des administrateurs réseaux sur la plateforme de formation en ligne. Du 16 au 19 septembre 2019, atelier de formation sur le renforcement des capacités des pays de la région africaine pour la mise en œuvre des conventions de Bâle et de Rotterdam. Hôtel Ndiambour, Dakar-Sénégal ;

For "capacity building for the monitoring and control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and chemicals and their environmentally sound management" in three francophone African countries: GABON, MOROCCO, MADAGASCAR.


This project aims to review the legal provisions of countries to implement international agreements on hazardous wastes and chemicals during all phases of their life cycle.

These agreements also specify the measures to be taken to improve coordination and synergies, in compliance with the national safety policy and hazardous waste and chemicals activities.

 The project will also aim to link the major environmental studies conducted on marine contamination with those on land contamination. It also concerns the transfer of responsibilities between these two types of tools in the context of their application at national level.

The project will move aggressively towards finding ways to improve the joint implementation of WHO's International Health Regulations (2005) and MEAs' proposed actions at the local and national levels.

 The replication missions of the PROBO KOALA COTE D'IVOIRE project that we carried out during the month of December only concern Phase I of the project defined below.

2 - Phases of the project

 The global replication project took place in three phases:

Phase 1: gap analysis and legal and institutional needs.

Phase 2: Strengthening the regulatory framework and legal provisions following the results of Phase 1 by drafting a draft legislative or regulatory measure to be put in place for the participating country, including the transposition of MEAs [1] national law.

 Phase 3: Capacity building for the implementation of MEAs and associated traceability tools for chemicals and substances during the product life cycle phases.

[1] Multilateral Environmental Agreements: Basel, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Montreal, MARPOL and RSI.

L'affaire du Probo Koala

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