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Phase 1 :

A study on gaps and needs in terms of legal, regulatory and institutional means was conducted to manage in an environmentally sound manner:

substances, chemicals and articles containing chemicals during all phases of the life cycle, including the destruction and recycling phase, as part of:

regulatory obligations related to the transposition into national law of MEAs (Multilateral Environmental Agreements).

of the International Health Regulations (WHO 2005).

wastes from the MARPOL regulated shipping activity.

The study was conducted in close collaboration with government officials.

It implies:

 A review of existing significant tools, in legal and regulatory terms and in particular the Code of the Environment and the texts associated with this code.

existing national and international surveys.

consultations with government agencies.

 It was the subject of a report on the results of the study and the review.

 Phase 2

 It includes the drafting of legal and regulatory provisions to address the gaps and needs identified in the first phase, and the strengthening of existing legal and regulatory frameworks.

The project also initiated a consultation procedure aimed at providing specific measures that the government has been led to recommend.

Phase 3

It relates to :

the development of training tools from existing ones.

the organization of training workshops to raise awareness among stakeholders of international and / or national laws on the sound management of chemicals and substances during life cycle phases as part of regulatory obligations related to MEAs, WHO International Health Regulations (2005) and the environmentally sound management of wastes from shipping activities. These training workshops targeted local and national authorities including port authorities, customs and other law enforcement agencies in the health and environment sector

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